Random Dragon Age musings

greetings DA folks,

whilst out in the pub last night Ben and I started having a chat about comments made after the last Dragon Age session around the progression of PC characters.

We discussed if as a warrior you start with a 2-Handed weapon, then when you get to level 4 and get to pick a another weapon group that you will already have your weapon of choice.  This appears to be due to the limited amount of weapon groups to pick from.  Perhaps when Green Ronin finally release their own AGE world this will be addressed.

Also covered the subject of Mages and the excellent work Wired_Wolf is doing over on the Green Ronin forums in collating all things Dragon Age Magic.   The Veil Codex is a great book and I would suggest that you look at it and download.   This has proved really useful to our Mage player.

Anyway going to head off now and start looking at typing up our session notes



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