Finally arrived…


Dragon Age Dice

Dragon Age Dice – direct from Poland ( due to a mix up with the UK resellers it was easier to go direct to Manufacturers Polish site )

Very sturdy dice and make a good noise when you roll them on the table. If you have set 1 and these then you will have enough dice to go around. I purchased them as I fancied some new dice.

Speak later


Random Dragon Age musings

greetings DA folks,

whilst out in the pub last night Ben and I started having a chat about comments made after the last Dragon Age session around the progression of PC characters.

We discussed if as a warrior you start with a 2-Handed weapon, then when you get to level 4 and get to pick a another weapon group that you will already have your weapon of choice.  This appears to be due to the limited amount of weapon groups to pick from.  Perhaps when Green Ronin finally release their own AGE world this will be addressed.

Also covered the subject of Mages and the excellent work Wired_Wolf is doing over on the Green Ronin forums in collating all things Dragon Age Magic.   The Veil Codex is a great book and I would suggest that you look at it and download.   This has proved really useful to our Mage player.

Anyway going to head off now and start looking at typing up our session notes


Betrayer of Asgard – conversion

hi there

sorry not posted for some time, been away from my RPG desk so to speak.

We are now 5 sessions into our campaign, I am using the great Conan conversion ( )

You can find a copy of the adventure over at

I am hoping to make my notes available once I have finished this campaign, but it may be that I can’t due to fact the writing is illegible.

As the published adventure is for D20 I have had to convert a lot more over than I had planned to.  Thankfully the Esoterica documents, which I have mentioned before, have been an invaluable source to me

anyway back to work for me, I will post up the session recaps accordingly

speak later

View From the other side


View From the other side

As I sit here preparing for A Bann Too many I thought I would share this picture I took last week of my view from the other side of the DM Screen ( or little fort as my wife calls it as she walks through the room when we are gaming ).

Plenty of snacks are also visible

The Dragon Age GM screen does actually have on it most of the useful things needed during a game. Only minus for me is that some of the panels explain how to GM, which for new GMs is great, but for me they should have left it in the book. This would allow more space for tables,etc.

A Dalish Curse – part1

Good Morning

so last night we started a modified Dalish Curse, after going through the rules with a new first time RPG player ( only a little bit of extra pressure for me ), we sat down to play.

there maybe a few spoilers contained within this post – sorry

Opening scene sees our travellers a week out of the homes travelling to the Village of VinTiver, of course it is raining heavily and they are searching for a warm inn.

They happen across a farm that has been attacked, little bit of investigation, then a crack of lightenig which illuminated 6 wolves


Our new guy rolled quite high for his initiative and after a few rounds was getting into the swing of it, and was the joint top Wolf slayer ( not bad for his first ever game ). The Mage however was killed before his Rock Armour could be raised.   Thankfully a healer was on hand to save him.

Bit of running around the village, concluded the night.

For me it was a solid start so would give it 7/10

So hopefully the new player had a good time, along with the other players.

Onwards to part 2…


A Dalish Curse

so after playing a Conan hacked edition of DA, we are planning on running the adventure from Set 1.

I can can finally use Darkspawn and not just humans. Which will be nice.

This week also sees a new player join us for their first experience of a tabletop RPG. So no pressure tree then for me …

This got me thinking, can people remember their first experience? What made it good??


I will report back how it went later this week