Betrayer of Asgard – conversion

hi there

sorry not posted for some time, been away from my RPG desk so to speak.

We are now 5 sessions into our campaign, I am using the great Conan conversion ( )

You can find a copy of the adventure over at

I am hoping to make my notes available once I have finished this campaign, but it may be that I can’t due to fact the writing is illegible.

As the published adventure is for D20 I have had to convert a lot more over than I had planned to.  Thankfully the Esoterica documents, which I have mentioned before, have been an invaluable source to me

anyway back to work for me, I will post up the session recaps accordingly

speak later


A Dalish Curse – part1

Good Morning

so last night we started a modified Dalish Curse, after going through the rules with a new first time RPG player ( only a little bit of extra pressure for me ), we sat down to play.

there maybe a few spoilers contained within this post – sorry

Opening scene sees our travellers a week out of the homes travelling to the Village of VinTiver, of course it is raining heavily and they are searching for a warm inn.

They happen across a farm that has been attacked, little bit of investigation, then a crack of lightenig which illuminated 6 wolves


Our new guy rolled quite high for his initiative and after a few rounds was getting into the swing of it, and was the joint top Wolf slayer ( not bad for his first ever game ). The Mage however was killed before his Rock Armour could be raised.   Thankfully a healer was on hand to save him.

Bit of running around the village, concluded the night.

For me it was a solid start so would give it 7/10

So hopefully the new player had a good time, along with the other players.

Onwards to part 2…


A Dalish Curse

so after playing a Conan hacked edition of DA, we are planning on running the adventure from Set 1.

I can can finally use Darkspawn and not just humans. Which will be nice.

This week also sees a new player join us for their first experience of a tabletop RPG. So no pressure tree then for me …

This got me thinking, can people remember their first experience? What made it good??


I will report back how it went later this week